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Prithvi Simha speaks to SAfm radio station in South Africa about urine drying

This week, following our article on urine recycling in The Conversation UK, Prithvi Simha from the group was invited for a live radio broadcast by SAfm, South Africa’s national public radio station, operated by the South African Broadcasting Corporation. The show is called Late Night Conversation with Patricia Ntuli. During the 30 minute interview, Prithvi and Patricia spoke about […]

By redesigning wastewater systems, we can build a circular pee-conomy

Jenna Senecal was interviewed by Popular Science, a widely distributed magazine in North America, about the potential to safely recover nutrients from human urine to help protect the environment. Your pee could be the golden ticket to a greener world While many of us simply flush and forget about it, our pee has the potential […]