Recent magazine features

Towards the end of 2020, we were thrilled to be featured in Popular Science and the Modern Farmer as well as having co-authored an article for The Conversation. Read all about our simple process that can turn urine into an agricultural fertilizer. Here’s a short recap of which topics each article covers:

Popular Science:

  • wastewater treatment around the world
  • about the Rich Earth Institute in Vermont, USA
  • how to treat and dry urine efficiently
  • life cycle analysis of pee-cycling compared to conventional wastewater systems and fertilizer production

The Modern Farmer

  • the flush toilet as a golden standard
  • Sanitation360’s process
  • a urine diverting toilet pilot project in Swedish municipalities
  • recycling liquid urine at the Rich Earth Institute
  • the big need for sanitation systems to be more sustainable

The Conversation

  • World Toilet Day
  • the evolution of the flush toilet
  • separating urine and faeces
  • steps to easily recycle urine at home
  • urine recycling on a larger scale
  • urine recycling project in Durban, South Africa

Thank you to the authors and magazines for these lovely features!