Videos about our involvement in P2Green

Next week, we’re attending P2Green’s 1st cross-fertilization workshop hosted in Malaga, Spain, which is one of the project’s three pilot regions managed by Bioazul. P2Green is an EU-project we’re part of that is aiming to foster a circular material flow system between urban and rural areas and thereby restoring the coupling of the water-agri-food system. This, by following the 3R principle

“Reduce, Reuse, Recover”.

This objective will be achieved through the implementation and exploration of four innovative N & P recovery solutions for the utilisation of human sanitary waste from urban settlements and its conversion into safe bio-based fertilisers for agricultural production. This is being done in three P2GreeN pilot regions:

  1. Gotland, Sweden – in the Baltic Sea region
  2. The metropolitan area of Hamburg-Hannover, Germany
  3. The region of La Axarquia in Southern Spain + by multiplying the impact via four follower regions in Hungary, Italy, France and Greece.

The goal of the 1st cross-fertilisation workshop is to introduce P2GreeN’s four innovative solutions (currently under development) by each of the three pilot regions and discuss these with key stakeholders within the water and sanitation sector from each region. We aim to cover what the key factors for the uptake of these solutions are, what barriers we’ve come across so far and how public authorities can play an active role in supporting this uptake.

Here are three videos made by the representatives of each pilot region, explaining a bit more about the local work being done.

Jenna Senecal explains Sanitation360’s work in Sweden:

Gerardo González explains Bioazul’s work in Spain:

Carsten Beneker explains Ecovillage Hannover’s work in Germany:

We’re super excited to be able to meet in person and talk all things circular! Updates coming soon.